Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd's reputation for achieving the best prices for clients is second to none. From free and confidential valuations through to collection, sale and payment, you can have complete confidence in the service we provide. We welcome any enquiries and will be happy to answer questions you have about any aspect of the selling process.

Appraisal and Valuation: Our appraisal and valuation services are free of charge. One of our experts will research and assess your item ti give a valuation. It will then be entered into the most relevent auction which attracts buyers from across the UK and abroad ensuring you achieve the best possible price.

Reserve Prices: Please note that you must tell the auctioneer if you require a minimum price (reserve that you wish to sell your item for. They will be happy to discuss and agree this with you. Please tick the box market (Firm Reserve) on the entry form. Any reserve price is confidential and will not be disclosed to prospective buyers. If your item is sold with 'no reserve' it will be sold for the best price offered on the day of sale.

Entry Form: Click here for a PDF of our entry form

Payment: Once your buyer's funds have cleared in our account we aim to pay you no later than 21 working days after the auction. We do not pay interest on the period between your buyer's payment and your receipt of payment. Please remember that you will have to pay certain charges on your sale.

Buyer Default: We act as agents and cannot be held responsible if your buyer does not pay. We cannot pay you until we have received cleared funds.

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