Fine Art, Antiques & Collectables

Large GWR Enamel Sign
Sold For £950

Early 20th Century Guinness Royal Doulton Advertising Bulldog Figure
Sold For £550

John Gilroy Original Gouche Artwork for Guinness Time
Sold For £2,800

Very Rare 1930's Michelin Compressor
Sold For £1,000

Unusual 16th Century Mourning Ring
Sold For £4,000

Rare Caroltonware Guinness Plaque
Sold For £9400

Unusual Facchino Ice Cream Girl Display Figure
Sold For £1,200

William Bromley Oil on Canvas, one of a pair
Sold For £7,000

19th Century Tavern Clock
Sold For £3,500

Early 19th Century Welsh Dresser
Sold For £2,300

John Gilroy "My Goodness My Guinness" Poster Circa 1957
Sold For £860

Rare Michelin O Galop Promotional Poster Circa 1898
Sold For £7,000

19th Century Satinwood Sofa Table
Sold For £3,500

Pelham Puppet Group
Sold For £3,000

Fairy Lustre Bon Bon Dish
Sold For £1,100

Grimwades Peter Rabbit T Set
Sold For £500

George III Chest of Drawers
Sold For £3,000

Part of a Selection of Steam Engines
Sold For £9,000

One of a Selection of medals
Sold For £16,000

Harry Houdini Milk Can Illusion
Sold For £4,400

19th Century Wellington Chest
Sold For £2,600

Daniel Quare Bracket Clock
Sold For £10,000

WW2 MBE Medal Group
Sold For £1,500

An FA Trials Cap from the Bill Rawlings Collection of Football Memorabilia

Bronze of Sir Winston Churchill by Sir William Reid Dick
Sold For £12,000

19th Century Gilt Painted Purdonium
Sold For £2,000

William Johnson of London Twin Fusee Mantle Clock
Sold For £4,200

William and Mary Walnut Cabinet on Chest
Sold For £6,400

Oil on Canvas "Seaview" Isle of Wight by Norman Wilkinson
Sold For £1,500

Jaegar Atmos Clock
Sold For £700

Late 19th Century Japanese Photograph Album
Sold For £800

Goldscheider Table Lamp
Sold For £1,200

One of a small set of Tollware Tea Tins
Sold For £2,500

Circle of Francisco Vanni
Sold For £1,500

Coalbrookedale Hall/Coatstand
Sold For £1,200

Distin Piano Forte
Sold For £1,170

WMF Claret Jug
Sold For £1,000

EMG Gramophone
Sold For £1,800

A Shirt worn by Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther Movie
Sold For £1,200

Model Steam Engine 1in. Scale
Sold For £1,400

Aspreys Gold Cigarette Case
Sold For £830

Arthur Gilbert Fredrick Williams 1819-1895 Oil on Canvas
Sold For £2,800

Pair of Louis XV Gilt Wood Fauteuils in need of restoration
Sold For £1,500

Charles II Five Guinea Gold Coin
Sold For £2,000

French 19th Century Carriage Clock
Sold For £5,000

19th Century Jacques Ivory Chess Set
Sold For £3,300

Peter Monamy Oil on Canvas St Peter Port
Sold For £7,000

Lalique Poissons Luminaire
Sold For £2,200

Lalique Moissac Vase
Sold For £1,000

Siebe Gorman Diving Helmet
Sold For £3,100

Benny Hill Fred Scuttle Glasses and Beret
Sold For £1,500

18th Century Seal Bottle
Sold For £2,000

18th Centuiry Ladies Knee Hole Desk
Sold For £1,100

19th Century Mahogany Linen Press
Sold For £900

19th Century Hardwood Poker Work Walking Cane
Sold For £980

19th Century Dayak Sarawak Head Hunters Shield
Sold For £1,100

18th Century Italian Rococo Giltwood Pier Mirror
Sold For £3,500

An Archive of Material Relating to Field Marshall Montgomery and the German Surrender in May 1945
Sold For £6,000

1930's RAF Photo Albums
Sold For £940

Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Profil De Jacqueline Ceramic Plaque
Sold For £2,900

Titanic & Iconic Memorabilia

Helen Churchill Candee RMS Titanic Flask recovered from Titanic Victim Edward Kent
Sold For £33,500

RMS Carpathia Silver Medal
Sold For £5,000

RMS Titanic Helen Churchill Candee Interest Portrait Miniature
Sold For £57,000

RMS Titanic Onboard Letter written by First Class Passenger Alfred Rowe
Sold For £28,000

RMS Titanic Onboard Lettercard with Important Transatlantic Seven Postmark written by Rev. Robert Bateman
Sold For £15,000

Highly Significcant Archive of Communications taken from onboard Olympic from Titanic and Carpathia on April 14th, 15th & 16th 1912
Sold For £12,000

Titanic Lamptrimmers Keys
Sold For £58,000

Titanic Lifejacket
Sold For £58,000

Unique photo of Titanic lifeboats taken from the deck of the rescue ship Carpathia
Sold For £6,000

RMS Titanic Promotional Brochure
Sold For £20,000

Titanic First Class Accommodation Plan
Sold For £30,000

Wallace Hartley Letter Written onboard Titanic
Sold For £93,000

RMS Titanic First Meal on Titanic Menu
Sold For £64,000

Titanic April 14th Launch Menu
Sold For £76,000

Unique Titanic Survivor Postcard
Sold For £35,000

RMS Titanic Poster
Sold For £70,000

Rare Titanic First Class Stewards Badge
Sold For £35,000

RMS Titanic Postcard Written Onboard
Sold For £11,000

RMS Titanic Plan
Sold For £70,000

Rare photo of Titanic's launch
Sold For £11,000

RMS Titanic Grand Staircase Wood Section
Sold For £19,000

Extremely Rare Titanic & Olympic Stamp Booklet
Sold For £33,000

RMS Titanic Promotional Brochure
Sold For £6,000

Titanic Passenger Malcolm Johannsson Collection
Sold For £155,000

RMS Titanic Body Recovery Bag
Sold For £25,000

Rare Titanic Survivor Document
Sold For £33,000

Rare Titanic Launch Menu
Sold For £36,000

Captain Steward James Painton Onboard Letters
Sold For £39,000

RMS Titanic Helen Churchill Candee 36 page period manuscript
Sold For £48,000

RMS Titaic 8 page onboard letter by Edward Colley, a member of Helen Churchill Candee's Coterie
Sold For £18,000

Highly important Telegram from the White Star Line to Senator Hughes stating Titanic was proceeding to Halifax
Sold For £10,000

RMS Titanic onboard letter and envelope written by second class passenger Clear Cameron
Sold For £25,000

Unique RMS Titanic Schematic Blueprint Owned by William Wilson Leading Draughtsman HArland and Wolff 1912
Sold For £12,000

RMS Titanic Transatlantic Onboard Postal Office Keys from Mail Clerk Oscar Woody
Sold For £100,000

RMS Titanic 2nd Class Passenger List
Sold For £26,000

Souvenir Pin Cushion bought onboard RMS Titanic
Sold For £19,000

RMS Titanic Silk Postcard
Sold For £2,000

A Letter from The White Star Line regarding RMS Titanic
Sold For £11,000

Onboard RMS Titanic Lettercard
Sold For £19,000

RMS Titanic Launch Menu
Sold For £10,000

RMS Titanic Onboard Menu
Sold For £27,000

RMS Titanic Souvenir Postcard Booklet
Sold For £12,000

Very Rare RMS Titanic Souvenir Cap Band
Sold For £34,000

Rare RMS Titanic 12 Minute Newsreel
Sold For £16,000

RMS Titanic Carved Oak Section, believed to be from the Grand Staircase
Sold For £19,800

RMS Titanic Crows NEst Key and Postcard written onboard by David Blair on April 4th 1912
Sold For £90,000

Extremely Rare Titanic Launch Ticket
Sold For £33,000

Asplund Family RMS Titanic Passenger Contract Ticket
Sold For £33,000

Eight Page Titanic Letter
Sold For £33,000

A White Star Line Music Booklet from RMS Titanic
Sold For £7,700

Unique 32ft Titanic Enquiry Plan
Sold For £220,000

1st Class Plan of RMS Olympic
Sold For £3,000

Hindenburg Zeppelin Cup and Saucer
Sold For £1,200

Hindenburg Zeppelin Glass
Sold For £6500

Hindenburg Zeppelin Dinner Plate
Sold For £5100

The Most Valuable Bottle of Beer Sold at Auction. This was recovered from the Hindenburg Wrecksite
Sold For £11,000
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